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Round Soap Rest

     Are you looking to find a way to extend the life of your favorite bar of soap? We have a variety of different colored soap-savers to allow your bath soap to dry between uses. The designer calls these “soap rests” as he describes the soap rest raises the bar of soap in your soap dish, allowing the bar of soap to dry between each use. These soap  rests are made of plant-based material, are PBA free, and environmentally friendly. Easy to clean by just rinsing under water.


     We currently have in stock the 2.75-inch, 3.5 -inch and the 4-inch round soap rest for use in any wet location -  kitchen sink, bathtub, wet room, laundray room or one of your many hand sinks around your home. This is a great addition to that wet room (mud room sink) where dad washes his hands and boots, or you bathe the dog before coming back indoors after a long day on the farm.

Round Soap Rest

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