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Loofah wrapped in sachet

Our loofahs are sourced from an all-natural garden’s that use traditional growing methods. These loofahs are free from all pesticides and herbicides, and are in their natural state. No dyes or cleaning agents used in the drying process.  They are triple washed in a steam bath to remove any vegetable matter still attached during the natural drying process. Then a hand crafted 100% all natural, unbleached cotton thread is used to make the sachet. This allows you to hang your loofah following each use to dry.  This also extends the life of the luffa. Each slice is at least 6 inches long. Stock is low because as soon as they are wrapped, they sell. 


***Due to Hurricane Ian and Nicole, our loofah gardens were destroyed. The growing process is long and we can not rush nature. We are hoping for a bumper crop this fall. Until then, supplies are significantly limited. Thank you for your understanding at this time. 


Loofah wrapped in sachet

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