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Benefits of Healthy Skin

Did you know that our skin is the second largest organ in the human body? It is made of about 300 million skin cells and about 300 sweat glands.[1] Our skin, our outer covering, is composed of up to seven layers of tissue and accounts for about 16 percent of your total body weight (approximately 9 pounds). Our outer skin is the organ that meets the rest of world around us. More importantly, human skin plays an important role in insulating our vital organs. It also maintains immunity, body temperature, fluid balance, sensations of hot and cold as well as it is involved in vitamin synthesis.[2]

Our skin is unique to each of us as it provides a varied environment to about one thousand bacteria that live on the surface of our skin. This is the normal flora that we each carry around with us daily, that keep our skin healthy.[3] Bathing regularly helps keep our normal flora in balance. What we choose to use to clean our skin is of utmost importance. Have you given some thought as to what ingredients are in your current bar of soap? Depending on the brand of conventional bar soaps, many contain several noxious chemicals that we easily absorb through our pores each time when we take a hot steamy shower or soaking bath. Take a glance at your favorite bar of soap and see if you can identify the ingredients?

The primary function of human skin is to protect us from our environment and the microbes that can cause infection if they get through this protective barrier. Human skin can detect infections and then will wage an immune response to fight off an infection.[4] Skins, scrapes and bruises are a fact of life. Healthy skin heals faster if it is properly nourished.[5]

Since our skin plays such a vital role in protecting our body, we should want to keep it as healthy as we can. There are a variety of all-natural soaps available today to choose from. All-natural soaps not only nourish your outer skin but help maintain the integrity of this outer barrier. Maintaining the elasticity, strength, and tonicity of your tissue will counter the environmental effects of oxidative stress from UV rays and pollution which contribute to premature aging of your skin.[6]

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