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Frequently Asked Questions


Does Organic mean Clean Ingredients without Pesticides?

     Not really! That answer may surprise you. Here’s why. Organic labeled foods are foods that are grown and processed by adhering to the guidelines established by the food regulatory board of the United States. This basically means the farmer uses renewable sources and no antibiotics or hormones are used in production. But organic does not necessarily mean pesticide free. Farmers can use synthetic fertilizers and pesticides to enhance their yield. They also may use animal manure to enrich the soil.


What’s in the Ingredients?

     People ask what the difference between organic and natural food grade is products? Natural is defined by the FDA to mean “no artificial or synthetic additives have been added to the food item that are not normally expected to be in that food item.” Simply stated, what is found in nature. Whatever comes from a plant, vegetable, mineral or animal by-product like honey or milk is considered natural products.


     In homemade soap making this would exclude the synthetic detergents (sodium cocoyl isethionate), manmade hardeners (stearin acid), sodium stearate (emulsifiers used as a cheap stabilizer in plastic manufacturing), sodium salts from cow fats (sodium tallowate), synthetic oxides used to retain color, synthetic dyes, oils or fragrances. If you desire a vegan-based soap, we can adjust any recipe to exclude dairy, goat milk and honey. 

How Long will a Bar of Soap Last? 

     Depending on the size of the bar of soap and whether you allow the bar of soap to dry between bathing times, will significantly affect the life of the bar of soap. Bastille bar soap, for example, a three-ounce bar will last about 3 weeks  if you bathe two times daily. Another example is the six-ounce bar of oatmeal soap, customers report the bar is still going strong, smells great even into the sixth week of daily use.

What if a I have Allergies or Skin Sensitivities? 

     According to American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI), nearly 50% of Americans of all ages are living with allergies. This figure has risen in the past 15 years. Children as well as adults have food allergies and additional sensitivities. According to this report based on 2015 data 8.8 million children has skin allergies. It is not only what we eat but what we choose to put on our skin is absorbed and can contribute to our allergies.


     Many of the big box store brands of soaps are made from 

synthetic, made-made ingredients or are the by-products of the petroleum industry. Switching to home made all-natural ingredients soaps to clean your skin of environmental pollutants will help reduce the effects of your skin allergies. Browse our current selection of all-natural soaps, read the complete ingredient list to see if one of these bars are suitable for your skin typed. We also invite you inquires so please don't hesitate to contact us with your special needs. 

Why are NutriciusClean Soap’s Better?

     We take pride in our careful choice of oils used in our small soap batch production and purchase from sustainable sources. Our products are free from paraffins, germicides, pesticides, oxides,

synthetics oils, glycerin, phosphates, emulsifiers, fillers and chemical preservatives. A true test to a natural soap product is that the color is muted as plant-based leaves, juices and roots will not produce the rich, bright colors you see in commercialized products.


     A question to ask yourself - can I read the ingredient list and are all these ingredients suitable for human consumption? DISCLAIMER: All soaps sold on  this eCommerce site are for external use only. Please do not eat soap.


     You will experience a truly clean feeling when washing with our soaps because all ingredients are fresh. Our packaging is simple, recycled cardboard packaging, and minimal at best to support our goal of reducing our individual impact on the environment and to promote the reduction of waste that finds its’ way our landfills.

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